Phone Stats
Device list software for Cisco® UCM systems
Phone Stats is a simple device list application for Cisco Unified Call Manager.   Devices are presented in a grid view for easy grouping, sorting, filtering, searching and exporting.   Devices and their numbering plan information are listed so devices can be found using the details of any attached line.  The device data can also be exported to excel for further manipulation.

Device IP addresses are listed in the grid and used by the application to gather the IP phone serial number and assist in the device inventory process.

The web based architecture allows users access from any device connected to the internal network using standard web browsers.  Phone Stats website is secured requiring user authentication and sensitive user data is stored with high strength encryption

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Device List
Lists all IP phone devices on the system including their real-time information and other useful fields.   Non IP phone devices are listed as well and separated by a quick filter selector.

Devices are shown along with their numbering plan so all lines are represented for all devices.
Secure Access
We take the security of our customers data seriously so all sensitive data is secured using high strength, government grade encryption algorithms. User authentication is required to access the site.
Serial Number
Phone Stats gathers the serial numbers from phones where possible for expedited inventory of devices.
Configurable Style
Ergonomic and stylish dark mode is provided along with the default light mode.

System Requirements

Product Overview | Feature and requirement overview for Phone Stats.

Installation Manual | Installation and user manual for Phone Stats.

Phone Stats Setup | Installer for most recent version of Phone Stats.

To request more information please contact us by emailing