Call Analytics
Enterprise call record analysis for Cisco® UCM systems
Call Analytics for Cisco UCM is an intuitive and powerful call data record (CDR) analysis solution. From summary data, down to the individual call data record detail, Call Analytics makes it a breeze to acquire the data users are after. It features call flow analysis with a graphic visualization that tracks all legs in the call, including supervised transfer legs and conferences, allowing easy navigation through the entire call.

Call Analytics offers secure communications and nearly unlimited scalability for large enterprises. Multi-level web administration allows users access to only the call data records and for which they have been authorized. The web based architecture allows authenticated users secure access from any device connected to the internal network using standard web browsers.

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Call Analysis
Call Analytics presents summary analytics for call data records in several advanced data views. Summarized by user, device, call type, call cost and other useful fields.

Summary data is presented in rich and customizable pivot grids, graphs and charts.

Call Flow Tracking
Track the entire call flow, including supervised transfer legs, with a modular call flow graph view that provides navigation to the various call legs of the call.

Each legs duration is provided along with the total duration and hold time for the call.

Records Grid
Search, sort and customize the records grid to navigate through and preview records. Add tags to records using an intuitive tag control.

The recording graph allows filtering of records by date range and also presents a visualization of the overall call rate by timeframe.

View, filter, print and navigate call recording reports. Reports may be categorized by user or device.

Export reports to many popular formats including PDF, XLS, RTF, and HTML.

System Requirements

Product Overview | Feature and requirement overview for Call Analytics.

Installation Manual | Installation and user manual for Call Analytics.

Call Analytics Setup | Installer for most recent version of Call Analytics (license required).

To request an evaluation license or for more information please contact us by emailing